Hemp Garden Broad Spectrum CBD 500mg

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Hemp Garden’s Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Concentrate 500mg is a hemp extract tincture containing all the beneficial cannabinoids from hemp except for THC.

  • 500mg per bottle
  • Broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD
  • 100% vegan
  • Ideal for those who prefer a oral hemp-derived CBD method
  • Tested to be free of fillers, additives, preservatives, propylene glycol, vegetable oils

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Hemp Garden’s Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Concentrate 500mg is a hemp extract tincture containing all the beneficial cannabinoids from hemp except for THC. Every bottle is manufactured and tested at our in-house laboratory for quality, consistency, and purity. For those new to CBD, this domestically grown, hemp-derived CBD tincture can be incorporated as part of a successful wellness routine and can be used to calm anxiety, reduce stress and improve focus.

Suggested Use: For best results, take daily under the tongue. First time use should be 1 hour before going to sleep in order to evaluate CBD tolerance. Shake bottle well, and squeeze syringe for preferred dose. After selecting preferred dose, squeeze syringe again underneath your tongue until all the oil is administered. Leave the oil underneath your tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow.
Now enjoy all the benefits of CBD!

Dose: Recommended dose is 25-40mg for an adult; higher doses are recommended to help with sleep. Individual’s tolerances vary based on height, weight, genetics and other factors. 1 mL of the 500mg
tincture is 16.5mg of full spectrum CBD. WARNING: Too much CBD can promote drowsiness.

Who It’s For: Those new to CBD, and anyone seeking relaxation and relief from feelings of anxiety and stress and overall improvement in holistic wellness.

What to Expect: The calming benefits of the Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Concentrate can generally be felt within 15-45 minutes of sublingual (under the tongue) administration. These effects will vary depending on height, weight, genetics and other factors.

Why Hemp Garden?
Through our relationships with organic and local hemp farmers in Vermont and Oregon, Hemp Garden focuses on proof of purity through frequent testing, extensive seed-to-harvest quality control and 100% organic and sustainability certifications. Our New York City-based stores welcome customers of all backgrounds and experience levels with hemp-based products, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of cannabis and our genuine spirit! Hemp Garden is committed to bringing you the best selection of the highest quality CBD hemp flowers and hemp-based products available, and to making you part of the Hemp Garden community.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Cannabidiol (CBD), MCT Oil and Hemp Seed Oil, Natural Vanilla Terpene, Stevia

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1 review for Hemp Garden Broad Spectrum CBD 500mg

  1. Chelsea

    This tincture is worth every last cent. To be completely honest, i purchased the 500 and wish i had bought the 1500 or 3000. But i wanted to “test the waters” with this brand and i will tell you there is no need to. I had recently been using a DIFFERENT brand, and i did not enjoy my experience. I was confused as to why, until I went to hemp garden. I had a lengthy conversation with an employee who truly took the time to explain to me what i should be looking for, and what should and should not be an ingredient in CBD tinctures. The other brand i was using had a crazy amount of added ingredients and i was getting very little CBD out of it. I did not know all of this until i came here. And when i started using this tincture – my entire experience with tinctures changed. I think it’s important for people to know that not every brand is completely honest or transparent, and even those that are, still add things to their oils that alter the experience. It’s not intentional but it’s a direct result of having stuff in the tincture that isn’t needed. This tincture is the cleanest experience I’ve had for lack of a better way of describing it. No bs, no extra junk, it just works. You don’t need to second guess this product or question where it came from, or what’s in it. I am so grateful that i came to Hemp Garden and i will not be going anywhere else as they now have a loyal customer. I hope that this review helps someone questioning whether they should come here. Try it. Do yourself a favor, lessen your suffering, and use this tincture. I could go on and on about how grateful i am that i came here but you just need to try it for yourself.

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