CBD Edible Sunset Rd Sherbert Strawberry


25 mg strawberry gummy.

12 in each box.

300mg in total per box.

Made of Sunset Rd Sherbert Flower.

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15 in stock


Our Sunset Rd Sherbert Strawberries are made with the Sunset Rd Sherbert Hemp Flower Strain. Known for its energized and revitalized qualities, this edible will leave you feeling at ease and may soothe anxiety and stress.

The primary difference between edibles and tinctures is the length of time the CBD takes to kick in. With a tincture, you are looking at around 15 minutes before you can notice the effects of CBD working on your system. With an edible, the timeframe is usually much longer.

An edible can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in. A variety of factors can affect how you an edible is processed in the body. This leads to considerable variation from user to user. Factors that influence CBD edible metabolism include height and weight, activity level, and even what you’ve eaten that day.

Of course, you can’t overdose on CBD, so there’s little need to worry about taking too much. Nevertheless, we strongly advise against eating more than one edible in the event that you don’t feel anything. If you do so, you increase the risk of experiencing CBD’s side effects from over-consumption.

Packaging Information:
We carefully place all quantities of CBD Edibles in a clear plastic jar or pharmaceutical grade WHITE/CLEAR mylar bag that’s heat sealed for freshness and to omit any odors.  The bags are then placed into a bubble wrap pouch and inserted into the appropriate mailer, envelope or box.


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